Before & After:1

With this inaugural post, I’d like to show the first of what will likely be many “before & after” shots.

This example is from one of the many fine 1930s Spanish duplexes near Carthay Circle, just south of Wilshire Boulevard’s Miracle Mile.

Jalousie louver window salesman convinced many property owners to get rid of their wood window sash for the seemingly modern appearance and “low maintenance” of glass and aluminum.  I wonder though, how many drafty winters or noisy mufflers did it take for buyer’s remorse to set in?

With the new replica sash, the building’s original streamline design elements come through more clearly.

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2 Responses to Before & After:1

  1. Liz Koen says:

    Question… I came across some posts by you while looking for someone to repair my window roller screens. Did you ever find anyone reputable to do this? My house is a 1932 home with roll-up screesns on all the windows. Some screens are ripped; others won’t retract. I am looking for a resource to get this issue fixed. Thanks so much for your assistance.


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