The creation of national window restoration standards

Last week, a group of of prominent window restoration professionals met in Pine Mountain, Kentucky to draft a set of standards for the restoration and weatherizing of historic windows.

Their goal is to have a finalized standard for release in December.

Such a standard will be a great help to those who advocate for preserving windows because one of the primary hurdles in keeping old windows is a lack of energy efficiency testing to allow homeowners and others an apples-to-apples comparison against new, tested windows.

From the group’s site; “There is an immediate need for standards that include well researched energy data as well as a catalog of proven methods used to repair and restore historic windows. We cannot wait for years or decades for a standard to “evolve” since the replacement window industry is now actively destroying millions of historic and perfectly functional old windows every month. Obviously there is nothing green or environmentally sound about this tragedy.”

It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

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